National Junior College Bukit Timah

National Junior College was founded in Singapore. It is known to be the very first Junior college in Singapore. This college was inaugurated in 1969. Here’s some more knowledge I am going to let you know about this first Junior college in Singapore.

First Junior College National Junior College

History of National Junior College This college was not created with the same name in the beginning. It was first named as “Super Secondary Boarding School”. The Super Secondary Boarding School came into existence in 1965. This institution is specially known as the very first co-educational institution. The purpose of this institution was to educate and prepare the students for university level. This institution was named “National Junior College” in 1967. This college was well famed for giving its students a chance of choosing their subjects according to their interests. This made a great improvement in the students’ overall performances. And it proved to be very successful. National Junior College is located near to Bukit Timah Collection by Allgreen Properties.

Courses Offered at National Junior College Bukit Timah

National Junior College offered two main courses. A course of two years for the students to educate them for university level. And a course of six years from grade seventh to twelfth that was known as the integrated program. Now there are many more courses and programs offered, including Art, Science and Technology, Mathematics, Research and Music. The introduction of more subjects was done to educate students of all interests. National Junior College is located at the upscale residential location of Bukit Timah.

Non-academic and co-curriculum activities are also held in the school to not only educate the students but play a part in their mental as well as physical growth. Co curriculum activities include sports like basketball, hockey, tennis, badminton, rugby, canoeing, squash, dragon boating, net ball, football and many other. Also includes the photography club, art club, debate and speech competitions, writing competitions and other games and challenges for students to keep them vigorous and spirited.

Former Students of National Junior College

In 1998, the department system of National Junior College came to an end. The house system was introduced which is quite successful till today. All students are fairly divided into six houses. Each house with its own theme, own color and own mascot. Every student represents his/her house. The houses deal with all the student affairs. Every student in a house opens up his/her problem to the higher power of that house.

All the students dress up in the uniform assigned by the college. Girls and boys both wear white shirts. However, girls wear skirts on the bottom, where as boys go for college pants. All students are strictly advised to wear the college pin that symbolizes the college crest. This way all students can be identified as National Junior College’s students. Along with it, there is a college anthem and a college song, which is sung by students mostly on the special events and occasions.

The college has been quite a success from the year it was founded till today. It will always be remembered as the first Junior, co-educational college in Singapore.

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