Bukit Timah Collection Project Information

Project NameBukit Timah Collection
Address of DevelopmentBukit Timah Road Singapore
Project DeveloperAllgreen Properties
TenureEstate in Fee Simple (Freehold)
Site Area174,176 sqft
Gross Floor Area243,846 sqft
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 300 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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Location of Bukit Timah Collection

Bukit Timah Collection Freehold Condo by Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah Collection is a new freehold development located right in the heart of Bukit Timah by Allgreen Properties. The site is the former Royalville Enbloc that was successfully sold to Allgreen Properties. The collective sale represents timely investment for developers to acquire freehold land in the uptrend real estate market. Bukit Timah Collection sits in the prime neighbourhood of Bukit Timah which has been the traditional upscale neighbourhood for residential properties. Bukit Timah collection Condo will be a signature development once it completes and the location of the development is just minutes away from Sixth Avenue MRT Station. A unique living experience right in the heart of Bukit Timah awaits you. For buyers who are looking at Newton Condos, please also see the latest development Kopar at Newton. Kopar at Newton Kampong Java Road is located right at the heart of the city.

Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah Collection site plan Allgreen Properties has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits & children’s playground. The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of Bukit Timah.

Bukit Timah Collection former Royalville sites on a prime piece of freehold land which represents a timely investment for Allgreen Properties who is looking to replenish its land banks. Most of the launches recently are 99 years leasehold development and this freehold development will present an opportunity for buyers who are looking for a freehold land located in the Bukit Timah and Dunearn Road area.

Six Avenue Centre Bukit Timah

Sixth Avenue Centre is a mix development located along Bukit Timah Road that is located right next to Bukit Timah Collection. It is a mix development with commercial units located at the 1st floor of the development. Sixth Avenue Centre will be the choice commercial development for your daily needs at Bukit Timah Collection freehold condo as it is just located right next to the development.

Location of Six Avenue Centre

Sixth Avenue Centre enjoys a good catchment and business from residents from Bukit Timah estate as it is located right next to Sixth Avenue MRT Station as well as a bus stop. Therefore, traveling to Sixth Avenue Centre is convenient and not time consuming. Some of the tenants located at Sixth Avenue Centre include Meat n’ Chill and The Tea Party. It is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet meal or simply relax over a cup of coffee with your friends and family.

The Grandstand Bukit Timah

The Grandstand located at Bukit Timah is one of Singapore’s iconic destination for leisure, dining, as well as many of the outdoor activities for some family time. The Grandstand is tucked in the lush forest of Bukit Timah and has a combined area of one million square feet of space. It is the choice destination to shop for residents of Bukit Timah as there is plenty of car parking spaces available. For visitors who do not drive, The Grandstand is also easily accessible vis Sixth Avenue MRT Station on the Downtown Line. There is also a shuttle bus available that brings visitors from Bukit Timah neighbourhood, King Albert Park as well as Clementi to The Grandstand.

Various Tenants and Eateries Located at The Grandstand Singapore

The Grandstand also holds one of Singapore’s largest pre-owned car mall. To complete the shopping experience, there are also various retail, food and beverage as well as childcare centre located in The Grandstand. Some anchor tenants located in The Grandstand include Giant Hypermart as well as The Karting Arena. The sheer size of this lifestyle destination is what attracts families to visit The Grandstand every weekend. Residents of Bukit Timah Collection can benefit from the amenities as the development is a close drive and direct from Bukit Timah Road or Dunearn Road.

Bukit Timah Collection Sixth Avenue MRT Station

Bukit Timah Collection Condo is also strategically located with many shopping centres located around in the vicinity. For example, the popular Sixth Avenue Centre, Sime Darby Centre, Balmoral Plaza and The Grandstand are located near to Bukit Timah Collection Royalville. Bukit Timah Collection Freehold Condo is also located near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where plenty of outdoor families are available for residents to spend some quality time with their family.

Bukit Timah Collection will be accessible Sixth Avenue MRT Station on the Downtown Line. Also, for owners who are taking buses, there are several buses available along Bukit Timah Road and Dunearn Road. For owners who are traveling to the city, Bukit Timah Collection is located right next to Pan Island Expressway(PIE). Various layouts will be available at Bukit Timah Collection floor plans as well as the site plans.

Bukit Timah Collection is also near elite schools such as Hwa Chong Institution, National Junior College and Raffles Girls’ Primary School.

Allgreen Properties Real Estate Developer

Allgreen Properties Limited is a real estate developer  based in Singapore that is active in the selling of properties to corporations and individual. Also, Allgreen leases properties. The property includes residential units, offices, hotel, retail centres, and apartments that are well serviced. The real estate firm was founded in 1986 by Lee Yew Kwung. Originally, it was known as Allgreen Investments Limited before changing the name to the current Allgreen Properties. Bukit Timah Collection freehold condo is by Allgreen Properties which is the former Royalville Enbloc.

Allgreen Properties Quality Developments in Singapore

Allgreen properties limited was majorly owned by The Kuok Group. The reals estate was listed on the Stock Exchange in May 1999 in Singapore. It has maintained and upload a good reputation since its operation in 1986. More so, Allgreen Properties was distinctively thriving while it was a division of The Kuok Group in 1980. It is one of the largest Real estate management corporation in Singapore, developing quality and affordable properties. The corporation has balanced its properties between commercial and residential, equally meeting the needs of the people of Singapore.

Allgreen properties limited owns Leo Property Management Ltd (LPM) which is largely involved in project management. Some of the project management practices under LPM include planning, budgeting, monitoring construction, and offering advice during the design of the projects. Their latest project will be Bukit Timah Collection which is the former Royalville Enbloc.

Shopping Malls by Allgreen Properties Singapore

Allgreen Properties Limited owns one of the most furnished developments in Singapore, the Great World City, and Tanglin Mall. The city comprises of a 6-floor shopping mall, 36-storey serviced apartments and 18-floor office building. The Great City is located at Singapore’s central business district, between two major Kim Seng and Zion roads. The city has a playground that is used to hold events and festivals. Tanglin mall is near orchard road, is a great mall with commercial and shopping complex, a large space to let. Their latest project will be Bukit Timah Collection located at Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah Road.

Allgreen Properties is a profound company that has spread its services to different parts like Vietnam, China, and Singapore. In every part the company has its services, it has ensured that it has diverse ventures. For instance, it has widespread investments in China; Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenyang, Tangshan, and Qinhuangdao. Also in Vietnam, Allgreen Properties has a condominium development project in progress. The project is based on the newly acquired site in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is Singapore’s iconic destination for nature’s lover and is the highest most natural point in Singapore. Bukit Timah is an exuberant site, with native tropical rainforest. The place is a home for hiking trails, a natural reserve and lots of other diverse activities. Other nearby towns offer many fun activities that one can participate. Bukit Timah links several places like Mandai road, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah road and the dairy farm road. Residents of Bukit Timah Collection will benefit from the fresh air and perfect outdoor venue for family gathering as it is just a short drive away via Bukit Timah Road.

Diverse Range of Plant Species at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve covers most of the Bukit Timah. The hill is a valuable natural rainforest in Singapore. Bukit natural reserve has diverse ecology with over 400 species of fauna and flowering plants. There are numerous trails for jogging, cycling, and hiking’s through the natural reserve. The hill is also renowned for rock climbing. Hiking to the top will enable one to enjoy that fantastic view from the summit.

Outdoor Activities at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah natural reserve is the best place for mountain bikers, nature lovers and hikers. In Singapore, it is one of the longest mountain bike trails. The site is a jungle. If you are lucky, you will end up seeing groups of monkeys, bird’s lizards, squirrels and many more. Cycling along the terrain is fun and breath-taking activity and enables one to to enjoy the fresh air.

Most people start their hike in the morning. Thus because of the fresh air from the morning dew that makes the entire activity overwhelming. The Nature Reserve, has four routes with plenty of signs to give directions. Two easy path, the second is moderate and the other severe. It is therefore not possible to get lost.During the weekends and public holidays, the trails are mostly overcrowded. The place is peaceful and calm in the morning and that when most people do their workouts.

Other Activities at Bukit Timah to Explore

In Bukit Timah, you can explore on horseback. Gallop stable provide trail rides around Bukit Timah. An instructor takes you around the nature walk. You can participate in the activities for free, without a monthly subscription or multiple session courses. One can enjoy the various activities provided for by the gallop stable.

In Bukit Timah, there are excellent golf courses. The prestigious district is home to great locals and experts. Therefore you are guaranteed quality lessons. Champion’s golf is free for anyone to participate, unlike other golf courses that require membership.

Bukit Timah Nature reserve is an exceptional place for exploration. It is one of those places to visit while in Singapore, as you will have a fascinating experience, during your trip.

Bukit Timah Collection Close to Schools

Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties is located in Bukit Timah neighbourhood where there is a whole range of educational institutions nearby. Staying close to educational institutions is ideal as this would mean that there is higher change that your children will be able to get into the primary school of your choice. Also, less time is needed to travel to and fro everyday and this would mean that parents will have more time for their work as well as other activities. Bukit Timah Collection is situated near to many schools available for your consideration. Some of the schools located near to Bukit Timah Collection include Swiss School in Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Nanyang Boarding School, Nanyang Girls’High School and National Junior College.

National Junior College Location at Bukit Timah

National Junior College (NJC) was established in 1969 and was the first junior college in Singapore located right in the heart of Bukit Timah. It was first announced by Ong Pang Boon who was then the Minister of Education in December 1965 that a centralized junior school would be established. On 14th May 1970 the first batch of students was enrolled. The college has acted as the model for other junior colleges. The main aim of establishing this college was to centralize the two-year pre-university course. In addition, a six-year programme is offered. The previous pre-university education system which was conducted at various secondary schools was replaced.

Flexibility to Opt for Subjects at National Junior College

Unlike other pre-university, National Junior College students were given the flexibility to opt for their subjects. The college tutorial system resulted in over 40 different subject combinations. Apart from the compulsory subject which was General Paper, other subjects included Mathematics, Art, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Economics, History, and Geography. There are no affiliates programmes from any secondary school linking to this college

However, a wide spectrum of students is drawn from other parts. The students learn alongside students from China, India, Hong Kong and Asean countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In exchange programmes, it plays host to Japan, German, Vietnamese, PRC, and Taiwanese

Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution is a highly sought after educational institution in Singapore and is was founded in the year 2005. Since this international school is locally situated, about half the students are residents. This is, in fact, a requirement of Singapore’s Ministry of Education. The remaining portion of the student population consists of international students coming from more than 20 countries.

Six Year Integrated Programme at Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution has separated itself from similar institutions by displaying it as a greatly sought-after educational institution in the previous decade. Students from this school have significant achievements, when it comes to being recognized in competitions both, locally as well as internationally. Or, through pristine academics and admissions to well-known universities. Currently, the Hwa Chong Institution offers a six-year integrated programme that prepares the pupils for the IGCSE (Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education) at the fourth year, and then the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma) at the sixth year.

Chinese Learning Programme at Hwa Chong Institution

One of a few reasons the school stands out and is also one of its greatest strengths is the fact that they provide the learning of the Chinese language to the students that are not proficient at writing or speaking it. From the beginning, whether it has come to the performance of at the IGCSE of IBDP, an exceptionally high level of accomplishment is respectable to a supportive education environment towards the language, an adaptable curriculum and teaching methods which improve the students’ learning abilities.

Increase in Stamp Duty for Multiple Property Owners

Recently, the Singapore Government has introduced a series of measures in an effort to stop the real estate prices from rising too fast in Singapore as it is in the interest to let the property prices rise in a gradual manner. In particular, although the measures taken were targeted at 2nd property owners and upwards, 1st timers are still relatively spared from the cooling measures when it comes to stamp duties. The stamp duties for 2nd timers has been increased from the present 7% to 12% and this represents a 5% increase. Coupled with decrease in the Loan to Value (LTV) from 80% to 75%, this would mean that a investor has to provide almost 40% of the property price to secure a unit and therefore buyers might be more inclined to purchase freehold properties since a hefty downpayment is involved. Bukit Timah Collection is located in the upscale residential area of Bukit Timah and enjoys a freehold tenure rather than a leasehold tenure. Therefore, the development will be the choice investment development for affluent investors.

Bukit Timah Collection Former Royalville Enbloc

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you at Bukit Timah Collection right in the heart of Bukit Timah. Please see Bukit Timah Collection site plan and floor plans for more information.